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Once a family got a kitten. It was a girl of a very unusual appearance and character, which complied with her breed, though, a Canadian Sphynx. She was affectionate, gentle, lively, clever and beautiful....and no fur flying around the house. All in all, the cat evoked only positive emotions. The family named her Kasha. It was the short of Kassandra. The nickname suited her. In Russian it means porridge, a word-play. Maybe you have guessed already, it was our family that had Kasha. 
As time passed by, we were more and more in love with our little girl. In cold winter evenings, she warmed each of us with her beautiful character and continues to do so but not alone. We thought that this special warmth and comfort should be shared and opened the cattery of the Canadian Sphynxes. We named it Del Gachas, which is Spanish for From Porridge. And it's true, because that is how it all started…from our little girl Kasha.

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Donna Relaxtan Degrin

Caroline Sky Barbary

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